A Private Commercial Lender

Landmark Capital Solutions, is a private commercial real estate syndicator/lender whose primary objective is to meet our borrower's need for short/long-term: bridge, conventional, SBA, CMBS, agency, hard money, 1st lien senior mortgages, and 2nd lien junior mortgages financing with efficiency, flexibility and professionalism.

Our firm provides commercial real estate financing for borrowers in unique and time-sensitive situations anywhere in the United States. We focus on providing timely, reliable, and customized solutions that are not accessible through traditional lenders.

Backed by our investor groups including, private equity firms, banks, hedge funds, specialty finance firms, fin-tec, family offices and various institutions, Landmark Capital Solutions is ready to initiate a loan request. Our investor groups can provide timely loans within 7-10 business days, after all required data and documents are received and provided to our investor groups. Landmark Capital Solutions will coordinate for expedited loan evaluations and interest determinations as needed to meet client financial requirements.

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A Private Commercial Consulting Services

Landmark Capital Solutions (LCS), provides new commercial start-ups as well as seasoned/current commercial operators. Services range from simple evaluation of debt/equity processes as well as complex questions related to national markets, identifying lenders for special needs, evaluation of property values creating business plans, identifying unique problems related with all types of commercial businesses and other questions per your business processes and expansion of plans.

LCS has 12 years of professional training and real world work experiences associated with buying, selling, refinancing, bankruptcy, investment banking, private banking investors, developing business plans, pitch-books, and other marketing/funding raising processes.

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Private Banking Services For Investors

Landmark Capital Solutions, is committed to the successful performance of our real estate investment funds and loan portfolios. To learn how to earn 8-12% principal-protected returns in our Private Lenders Network™ through investing in First Position Private Mortgages also known as 1st Lien Trust Deeds, for additional information please click the PLN Investors link.

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